How to cite songs in an essay

How to Quote a Song in an Essay

How to Quote a Song in an Essay If you want to quote a whole song there could be copyright problems ... Lyrics is one of the most effective tools in an essay to express certain feelings, thoughts and ideas. You may decide to cite lyrics if you see that the author of a song has created a great line which expresses your point perfectly. It is like when you walk around, have a bunch of thoughts in your head but have no idea how to express them on paper.

How to Incorporate Lyrics Into an Essay Pen and the Pad

How to Incorporate Lyrics Into an Essay Pen and the Pad However, if you are simply quoting extracts in a student essay, it is very unlikely to land you in trouble, provided the source is given. Lyrics can be effective tools in an essay. You may want to cite lyrics, because a song writer says something in an eloquent way, or the excerpt solidifies a point you’re trying to make. You are allowed to quote a portion of a song under the fair use doctrine of the United States copyright law, but the law doesn’t.

Ways to Cite a Song - wikiHow

Ways to Cite a Song - wikiHow Verse quotations, unless very short, should be written as block quotations. Use the name of the performer to cite recordings. The basic MLA citation starts with the name of the author. In the case of a song, if you're referencing a particular recording, the performer is the author. The performer could be a single individual or a band. If you're using the name of a single person, use "last name, first name" format.


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