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OCR'd by TOMBOY GOPUBLIUS - Chicago Tribune Blog The Rainbow Wahine dropped its opening game, 7-2 to Iowa State, but got back on the winning track with a 9-0 mercy rule win over Northern Colorado to end the tournament at the Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree under the Special Honors Program, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts. Hillary D. Rodham Political Science 2 May, 1969 © 1969 Hillary D. Rodham OCR'd by TOMBOY OCR'd by TOMBOY POSTED AT GOPUBLIUS. COM

Hillary Rodham senior thesis - Wikipedia After going down 2-0 in the count, third baseman Dustin Demeter took an inside pitch deep out to right-field to ignite the Hawaii dugout and deliver the first victory of the season with a 5-4 win over UH-Hilo. Rodham researched the thesis by interviewing Alinsky and others, and by conducting visits to low-income areas of Chicago nearby to her hometown, Park Ridge, Illinois and observing Community Action Programs in those areas. Her thesis adviser was Wellesley professor of political science Alan Schechter.

Hillary's Wellesley Thesis, "THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT" Hillary Clinton’s political methods were founded on the theories of a 1960s radical about whom she wrote her college thesis in 1969. Back in 1993, shortly after she acceded to the role of First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband requested that Wellesley guard her thesis from public scrutiny -- a request to which the college administration assented.

HILLARY RODHAM THESIS ALINSKY - It may take a village to raise a child, but Clinton’s college thesis seems to say that the village politicos need an enemy to mobilize against. The epigraph strikes us as more of a provocative literary comment rather than direct advocacy for satanism. Saul Alinsky was a Chicago-based community organizer who did write the book Rules for Radicals The thesis was made available after the Clintons left the White House in by the Wellesley College archives. Hillary Rodham senior thesis

How the Clintons hid Hillary's thesis - politics - Decision '08. She titled the paper, written to fulfill her Bachelor of Arts degree at Wellesley College, “There is Only the Fight.” It praises the work of radical activist Saul Alinsky, a man who epitomized a self-interested no-holds barred campaign style that Hillary has emulated in later years. Hillary Rodham Clinton's political science professor says he received a call from the White House in 1993 that resulted in Wellesley College sealing her senior thesis on the radical organizer Saul.

HILLARY CLINTON SAUL ALINSKY THESIS PDF Clinton’s savvy-but-ruthless politics, including the “politics of personal destruction” she so often condemns but more often practices, seem rooted in Alinsky’s famous rules for radicals. I’m pretty good at tracking things down on the Internet but a few months ago when I tried to find Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley College thesis on. It is no accident that she chose to write about Saul Alinsky for her senior thesis at Wellesley College. As a social activist, Alinsky was as much a.

Inside The Life Of A Twenty-Something Hillary Clinton One year after Hillary turned in her thesis, Time Magazine profiled Alinsky. It said, “In his [Alinsky’s] view, the end of achieving power justifies a range of means…If the occasion requires, Alinsky’s forces will not refrain from spreading rumors about an antagonist or indulging in something that comes very close to blackmail.” Young Hillary balked at Alinsky’s critics who said he was too extreme. There was a time when all Hillary Rodham Clinton wanted to do was finish her freakin’ dissertation. The year was 1969. The place, Wellesley College. Hillary Rodham was not just trying to finish her senior thesis, but also prepare to speak at her graduation the first student to be asked to do so in the university’s history.


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